About This Calculator
This calclator is used to calculate your estimated Google AdSense earnings. This calculator can be used also for sites that use the same metrix as Google AdSense.
Please turn off ad block so that the calculator works.
AdSense Calculator
Daily Pageviews
Click Through Rate
Cost Per Click
Revenue Per Mile $0.50
Period Impressions Earnings
Daily 1,000 $1.00
Weekly 1,000 $1.00
Monthly 1,000 $1.00
Yearly 1,000 $1.00
It's the number of times your website pages has been visited by users. Each user can visit multiple pages so that means that the number of pageviews is always higher than or equal to the number of users.
Click Through Rate
It's the number of times your ads has been clicked per 100 pageviews. So if 2 users clicked out of 200 pageviews that's a CTR of 1 percent. Please note that CTR is calculated per 100 pageviews and not 100 visitors
Cost Per Click
It's the amount advertisers are paying you per click. So if 3 clicks earned you $0.30 that is $0.10 per click.
Revenue Per Mile
It's the amount you have earned per 1,000 pageviews. So if you had 3,000 pageviews and you earn $3.00 that is $1.00 RPM